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Caja Rural de Navarra is a part of the well-known Caja Rural Group that operates at a national level based on the model of European cooperative banking. It is a very interesting and convenient alternative to traditional banking and banking institutions, since it is based on principles that allow the autonomy of the Rural Savings Banks to be safeguarded, without reaching or having to renounce the banking operation or business efficiency requirement, surpassing the limitations of each company or person to provide them with the best opportunities and help them grow, finance and develop economically.

Currently, Caja Rural de Navarra has a large number of products that can help you meet your personal goals, giving you the financial support you need, here we tell you a little more about this:

Learn about the loans and personal loans of Caja Rural de Navarra


Everyone at some point needs a helping hand to help us meet our professional and personal goals. Many times, the help we need is financial, and thinking about giving you a solution to the problems you may be going through, Caja Rural de Navarra offers different loan schemes.

The loans personal loans of Caja Rural de Navarra are one of the financing options that this institution offers, with them you can receive the money you need to carry out your projects in the short and medium term; and its different schemes will allow you to find the one that is perfect for you.

Do not forget that, in addition, domiciling your payroll to Caja Rural de Navarra will allow you to access preferential schemes. If you are interested in the personal loans of Caja Rural de Navarra, read on to learn more about them.

Personal loans Caja Rural de Navarra

The personal loans are designed so that you can carry out those personal projects that you are waiting to fulfill in the absence of financing, such as the payment of a tuition, reforms to our home so that our family is more comfortable, the purchase of a vehicle transport that helps us get to our destination faster, or even that trip that we continue to postpone and with which we have dreamed so much.

They are also very useful to face improvised expenses, such as medical emergencies or payments that we did not have contemplated. You will have an annual nominal interest rate estimated at 8% for informative purposes, and a term of up to 7 years to return the amount requested in convenient installments.

Caja Rural de Navarra Payroll Loans

The loyalty and trust deposited by Caja Rural de Navarra customers online in them undoubtedly bear fruit, because if you are a Caja Rural de Navarra customer and you have your salary registered at this institution, you can obtain additional benefits when obtaining a personal loan such as:

  • You can count on an advance of your payroll without any interest or commission of up to 3000 Euros . It is without a doubt a very convenient option if you require your money in an emergency and you still have to wait a little longer to receive your payroll.
  • You can obtain a payroll loan for an amount of up to 5,000 Euros available for 6 months without interest , so if you need a slightly larger loan, it is undoubtedly an option that is very convenient for you and will allow you to leave emergencies or carry out projects to short and medium term.

Automatic Loan FinanZÁs!

Caja Rural de Navarra offers a new and innovative personal loan scheme called “FinanZAS!” Under this scheme, you can finance your own purchases in the same trade in which you have made them. To achieve this, Caja Rural de Navarra has many collaboration agreements with establishments of all types. Restaurants, shops, hotels, boutiques, shopping centers, cinemas and a host of other commercial establishments.

To make use of this type of loan, you simply have to ask the establishment where you want to consume if you have an agreement with Caja Rural de Navarra for a loan Auto FinanZás! If so, you can finance the total value of your purchase automatically, without having to worry at that time for the expense, paying under future financing schemes that will be adapted to your convenience and your pocket.

Loan and personal loan simulators of Caja Rural de Navarra

Loan and personal loan simulators of Caja Rural de Navarra


A very useful tool that is available to you from Caja Rural de Navarra is a personal loan simulator , with which you can have an estimate of how much you will have to pay monthly.

This tool is very simple to use, and you can find it on the official website of Caja Rural de Navarra . Simply enter from your computer or mobile phone to the personal loans section, and then click on the Simulator button.

It will redirect you to another window in which you can enter the total amount requested and the term to years in which you plan to repay the loan. The interest rate will be calculated automatically for referential values, and you will be able to know the total monthly payment that you will have to pay to be able to return your credit. Do not hesitate to use this useful tool to find a loan that fully suits your needs.

Mortgages of Caja Rural de Navarra

Mortgages of Caja Rural de Navarra


Another financing option that Caja Rural de Navarra puts at your disposal to finance you is Mortgages. These mortgage options are very varied, and allow you to give a large part of the total value of the home you want to buy, so you can return it little by little in a period that you choose and under the installments that best fit you.

Additionally, you will find that in Caja Rural de Navarra there are Mortgage schemes for all needs and situations, allowing you to analyze each one of them until choosing the one that suits you the most. If you want to know more about these mortgages, continue reading:

Variable Mortgage

The variable mortgage of Caja Rural de Navarra is characterized by giving you total flexibility in choosing terms and amounts that adapt to your home.

To apply, just go to any of the offices of Caja Rural de Navarra, where an expert in the matter will advise you on all the expenses inherent to your operation, and the complete detail of each of these conditions, so that you can customize the mortgage you choose to your particular situation.

It is a very convenient option for people who have specific needs or particular situations when hiring a mortgage, and without a doubt the Caja Rural de Navarra team will do everything to offer you an offer that satisfies you.

Fixed Mortgage

The fixed mortgage of Caja Rural de Navarra, is a mortgage loan scheme designed to achieve total stability for its customers. This can be achieved by establishing a fixed interest rate, achieving fixed monthly payments that will allow you to always know the exact amount to pay.

That is why, if what you are looking for is a mortgage that gives you economic stability, without a doubt, the fixed mortgage of Caja Rural de Navarra is the right option for you.

Stable Mortgage

Caja Rural de Navarra also offers a mortgage scheme called a stable mortgage. Under this scheme, if the interest rates rise for some reason, you will always pay the same fee.

This way you will not have to worry about calculating month to month the amount to be paid, but you will simply have to pay the fee established in the beginning. It is an ideal mortgage option for people who need long-term economic stability.

Linked mortgage

The linked mortgage of Caja Rural de Navarra is one of the benefits offered by this institution to its preferred customers. With this mortgage scheme you can obtain benefits associated with some products and services, such as:

  • Possibility of domiciling the payroll.
  • Possibility of domicile receipts
  • Home insurance
  • Cards with level of use in different types of purchases.

If you are one of the preferred clients of Caja Rural de Navarra do not hesitate to request your linked mortgage so that you can enjoy all these benefits.

Secure mortgage

The secure mortgage of Caja Rural de Navarra is a scheme that gives you absolute and complete peace of mind in those moments that are most needed. In this way, you can count on the stability offered by a fixed interest rate during the first 3 or 5 years. Subsequently, the remaining years will have a variable interest rate.

It is ideal for people who are just beginning to get into this type of financing, since it allows them to have control of the mortgage loan for an important period of time. If this is your situation do not hesitate to choose this mortgage scheme of Caja Rural de Navarra.

Affordable Mortgage

The affordable mortgage is designed by the Caja Rural de Navarra experts so that you can request financing for your home while paying much less at the beginning. This is because with this type of mortgage you can pay up to 20% less in each of the monthly repayments, offering the option also to leave at the end this same percentage of the loan amount.

That way you can choose if you pay less at the beginning, or if Caja Rural de Navarra helps you obtain a home that costs much more. The decision is in your hands.

Advantages of loans and mortgages of Caja Rural de Navarra


Advantages of loans and mortgages of Caja Rural de Navarra

As you can see, both the loans and mortgages of Caja Rural de Navarra have multiple advantages and benefits, including:

  • Different loan schemes to find an option that suits you whatever your situation.
  • Terms to return the loan ample and flexible.
  • Monthly fees that adapt to your needs and possibilities.
  • Personalized advice and customer service capable of solving all your doubts about it.
  • Multiple schemes of loans, insurance, accounts, payroll and other financial instruments.
  • Mobile bank in your computer and in the palm of your hand through a secure and reliable application.

Customer Service and Online Banking Caja Rural de Navarra


If you have a doubt of a technical nature, or an operational incident occurred, it is advisable that you go to your usual office, or write an email to [email protected], where professionals in the field will answer your question. as soon as possible.

Caja Rural de Navarra is committed to address all complaints, claims and problems presented by their customers by any means within a maximum period of two months. Be assured that you will be attended to as soon as possible and in the most efficient manner.

Remember that you also have an Online Banking service when you are a Caja Rural de Navarra customer . This service will allow you to consult the statements of your accounts and of the financial products that you have contracted. You can easily access Online Banking from any web browser or mobile phone with internet access, and you will see that it will be a great tool for managing and managing your account.

What are the basic requirements to apply for a loan in Caja Rural de Navarra?

If you are already determined to request a personal loan or a mortgage, you must take into account that the only basic requirement to request a loan in Caja Rural de Navarra, is to be an active client.

If you are not, you simply must go to one of the many branches to start the process to open an account in Caja Rural de Navarra and enjoy all the services available to you for your security and financial peace of mind, such as loans personal, mortgages, insurance, savings and investment instruments and various tools more designed especially for you.

How to apply for a loan in Caja Rural de Navarra Online?


You need to be a Caja Rural de Navarra client if you are looking for a personal loan or mortgage. Once you are a client you should go to an office where they will inform you about the process and requirements to apply for a loan or mortgage at Caja Rural de Navarra.

Additionally, you can also find various services such as savings or insurance funds for various needs that you may require. You will see how the response time will be very fast, and in less time than you think you will have at your disposal the full financing either as part of a personal loan or as a mortgage to buy your house.

Extensions and Deferments in Caja Rural de Navarra


You do not have to worry about falling behind on your payment. Many times the institutions that grant loans ask you to make the deposit of the return of your loan or mortgage in another account, which generates loss of time and possible collection of interest. A great advantage of Caja Rural de Navarra is that your loans will be deducted automatically from your account, so you should only worry about having the amount of money necessary to cover your payment in your bank account.

If for some reason, you can not cover the payment or you are going to fall behind in this, what you should do is contact the Customer Service and tell them in detail the situation you are going through, so that together they can find a solution that allows you to cover the monthly installments constantly without having to sacrifice your economy or your pocket.

Conclusion on Caja Rural de Navarra

Caja Rural de Navarra offers alternatives to traditional loans in conventional banking institutions, offering many advantages and benefits, as well as a banking model in which the priority is your financial and economic development, so that you can make use of your money the way more efficient for you

You will always have available a team of professionals in Customer Service that will allow you to solve any doubt you may have during the process, or even before hiring a service, without mentioning that with Online Banking you will be able to arrange and consult your accounts and products simply and quickly from the palm of your hand on your mobile phone or from a computer.

In addition to this, Caja Rural de Navarra offers different schemes of loans and mortgages, each one adapted to the needs and capacities of each person, where you will undoubtedly find a perfect scheme for you so that you can finance all your personal, professional, housing goals , of a vehicle or whatever. Do not hesitate any more and visit one of the Caja Rural de Navarra Offices, or its official website where you will find more information and advice in this regard


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